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Our criminal defense attorneys possess years of experience in drug crime defense throughout Wisconsin. Our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers are committed to providing the best defense in your criminal case. Whether you've been charged with simple possession, intent to distribute, drug trafficking, drug distribution, marijuana possession, heroin possession or numerous other possession means, our experience and success at defending those charged with possession is unsurpassed in Wisconsin.

Many times, due to mishandling of processes by the police, such as an illegal search, or illegally stopping you, our criminal defense attorneys may challenge this in court. If the police process in in error, the evidence may be excluded. Should this happen, there is a possibility the case may be dismissed. 

The legal issue when considering marijuana laws and marijuana possession is that marijuana is still illegal in Wisconsin, even though it may be legal in a neighboring state. Drug possession charges differ depending on the drug and the amount in possession. For instance, possession of a large amount of marijuana vs. possession of a more serious drug or club drug.

With so much drug trafficking of controlled substances and other illegal drugs flooding Wisconsin, possession of opioid pain killers is a serious offense. Opioid pain killers such as Oxycontin and Oxycodone are considered gateway drugs for users whose next step is generally heroin. For this reason, if caught with these illegal drugs in your possession (whether using or intent to distribute), you will face felony criminal charges. It's crucial to obtain the best Milwaukee drug crime lawyers - a law firm with integrity and experience as not only a criminal defense firm, but as illegal drug and marijuana defense lawyers.

It's obvious that the charges faced are dependent upon the controlled substance and the amount found on you. Marijuana laws have been steady in Wisconsin and though there has been discussion about decriminalized marijuana, this has not come to pass. Complications and confusion also arise from differences in the law at the Wisconsin county level. Some counties have stricter drug laws than others and crossing into a different county can leave you in need of a criminal offense attorney.

Our experienced Milwaukee marijuana defense attorneys have years of experience not only as aggressive criminal defense but as drug crime defense attorneys.

Prosecutors must prove within a reasonable doubt that you were knowingly in possession of an illegal substance. In a situation where there is simple possession or a misdemeanor drug charge, whether you are or aren't facing a felony drug charge, our Milwaukee drug crime lawyers will work efficiently on your case and possibly have your charges reduced or dismissed.

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