If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, the attorneys at the Birdsall Law Offices located in both Milwaukee, WI and Green Bay, WI are ready to defend and protect you. Sometimes, what may be considered by one person to be consensual sex, results in a criminal charge for date rape. Or, viewing a particular website – no matter a person’s knowledge or intentions – leads to multiple charges for possession of child pornography. Sex crimes can carry lifetime consequences and ruin more than just your reputation. In addition to your liberty, you can lose your job, marriage, and visitation of children. People convicted of sex crimes can be publicly identified as sex offenders and, in most communities, can be forced to move. The criminal defense lawyers at Birdsall Law Offices defend people facing the fear and uncertainty that comes with being accused of any type of sex crime. Please contact us by calling or emailing our office today for a free consultation to learn how we can defend and protect you.