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Top property damage defense attorneys in Milwaukee and Shebogan

When you need a property damage defense attorney in Wisconsin, you want to make sure that you hire violent crime lawyers who know the law and know how to present the best possible property damage defense for you.  At Birdsall Obear & Associates, we’ve gained credibility and respect defending the rights of thousands of clients. Our success as Wisconsin's top property damage defense lawyers speaks for itself, with an acquittal rate three times higher than the state average and four times the national average!

Violent crimes involve the use of force (with or without a weapon) to inflict harm on another person. In many cases, the people involved in these types of crimes have a personal relationship and therefore the crimes are considered Domestic Violence.

There are often family considerations and emotional issues in domestic violence cases in addition to a criminal charge. Because of the sensitivity of these types of crimes, it is critical that you seek help from a trusted and reputable criminal defense lawyer.

Our experienced Sheboygan and Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers at Birdsall Obear & Associates have handled hundreds of domestic violence cases. Please contact our violent crimes attorneys by email or phone to schedule a free consultation.

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What is criminal damage to property?

Criminal damage to property is defined in Section 943.01 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  "Whoever intentionally causes damage to any physical property of another without the person's consent is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor."

What are the elements of criminal damage to property?

The crime of criminal damage to property is committed by one who:

  1. The defendant caused physical damage to the property; and
  2. The defendant intentionally caused the damage; and
  3. The property belonged to another person; and
  4. The defendant caused the damage without the consent of the owner; and
  5. The defendant knew the property belonged to another person and knew that the other person did not consent to the damage

Can criminal damage to property constitute a felony?

Yes. If any of the following take place, you will be convicted of a class I felony:

  1. The property involved was reduced in value by more than $2,500.00; or
  2. The property involved was owned by a public utility/common carrier, and the damage is of the kind which is likely going to impair the services of the public utility/common carrier; or
  3. The property involved belongs to a grand juror and the damage was caused by reason of a reaction to a verdict; or
  4. The damage occurs on state-owned land listed with the DNR’s registry of prominent features in the landscape; or
  5. The property damaged is a plant/plant material, being grown as feed for animals, or to be used for commercial purposes, or for plant research and development; or
  6. The property damaged is a vending machine, there was intent to commit theft from the machine, and the monetary value of property damage ranged from $500.00 to $2,500.00.

Contact the best Milwaukee and Sheboygan criminal damage to property lawyers.

Call Birdsall Obear & Associates.

Attorneys John A. Birdsall and Kirk B. Obear are Milwaukee criminal attorneys who have won countless cases over the past decades. Their aggressive defense strategy is unsurpassed and has placed them among the best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Milwaukee.

Property damage charges many times carry special circumstances that only the Milwaukee criminal lawyers of Birdsall Obear & Associates will know how to confront, confidently and efficiently... and win your case.

Our property damage defense lawyers in Sheboygan and Milwaukee know how to confront and challenge illegal police action, whether it's improper search technique or other violations, if we find that your constitutional rights were violated, your case could be dismissed.

Our law office is simply the best criminal defense law firm Wisconsin has to offer. Contact our Milwaukee Criminal Attorneys at Birdsall Obear & Associates.

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