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I have a preliminary hearing tomorrow

I have a preliminary hearing tomorrow. What should I do? Never, Ever, Try to Represent Yourself Without a strategic and effective legal argument, it will be extremely difficult to defend yourself and your rights against the charges being filed against you. If you are forced by circumstances to go to court without legal counsel, ask […]

Should I allow police inside?

The police are at my door right now and they want to search the house. Should I allow them inside? No.  Instead, demand a warrant. This requires that the police go to a judge and show probable cause that evidence of a crime is in the house, and they must be able to detail what […]

The police are at my door. Should I talk?

The police are at my door right now and want to question me. Should I talk? Do Not Succumb to Seemingly Informal Questioning Most cases that end up being charged criminally are the result of interrogations such as this. It’s almost always a bad idea to talk to police until after you know what they’re […]