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    Charge: Theft by Fraud. Client had 9 different cases of same charge in 5 different counties which were all resolved in 2002. However, the Walworth case was erroneously left off and a warrant issued – unbeknownst to the client. Upon payment of restitution, the DA agreed to dismiss.

    Venue: Walworth Co.

    Result: All charges dismissed

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    Charge: 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Intimidate Victim/Use or Attempt Force, Criminal Trespass to Dwelling, Criminal Damage to Property, and Battery. Client was a Gulf War Veteran, former police officer and law student. Client broke into the home of the ex husband of a friend and beat him as well as damaging several doors. Client also threatened him. Client faced 15 years prison.

    Venue: Dane Co.

    Result: Pled to 1 count misdemeanor battery; all other counts dismissed; no probation, no jail.

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    Charge: Theft. Client working at bar and accused of stealing supplies. Was accused by co worker who was also arrested.

    Venue: Green Bay Municipal

    Result: Dismissed

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    Charge: 2 counts of Issuance of a Worthless Check As a Party to a Crime. If convicted client faced 18 months prison, and a fine of $20,000.00. Client cashed checks received from a person who owed him money and then closed the accounts.

    Venue: Washington County

    Result: Dismissed. Investigation showed client did not intentionally defraud the bank, and that the person who issued the checks acted alone (though it was alleged they developed the scheme together).

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    Charge: Retail Theft. Client faced 9 month jail based on personal observations of store manager who saw client place item in pocket. Investigation revealed that client was chronically mentally ill and had never left the store.

    Venue: Waukesha County

    Result: Charge amended to violation of County Ordinance and a $50.00 fine.

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    Charge: Client was facing multiple counts of felony theft and bank fraud based on international funds transfer. Potentially facing 20 years prison as well as deportation.

    Venue: Milwaukee County

    Result: No charges filed. We were able to prove that the allegations were false through documentation and demonstrating that they were made by an angry ex-girlfriend.

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    Charge: 1 Count Criminal Damage to Property; 1 Count Disorderly Conduct; and 1 Count Attempted Battery. Client in Wisconsin for a wedding and got into fight with in-laws at local hotel. Considerable property damage and injuries.

    Venue: Waukesha County

    Result: All criminal charges dismissed; client plead ‘No Contest’ to an amended charge of a County Ordinance violation for Disorderly Conduct; client paid a fine in the amount of $200.00.

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    Charge: 3 counts of Obtaining Prescription Drug by Fraud, 1 Count Theft of Movable Property Without Owner’s Consent. Client admitted submitting false prescription on behalf of a person she was caring for. Client was addicted to oxycontin after years of painful surgeries.

    Venue: Waukesha County

    Result: Theft of Property charge dismissed. Two years probation concurrent on two counts of Prescription Drug Fraud. 40 hours of community service.

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    Charge: 1 felony count of Burglary – Building to Steal, a Class F Felony. DA asked for extensive jail time. Client broke into old boyfriends apartment and took back items that he had taken from her. The DA still charged and insisted on extensive jail despite the fact that this was a first offense. Client was facing up to 12.5 years in prison and a maximum fine of $25,000.00. During trial we were able to prove that the DA illegally withheld evidence and acted in bad faith.

    Venue: Racine County

    Result: Plea to amended misdemeanor – 1 year probation, no jail.

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    Charge: 1 felony count of Arson of a Building. Charge was based on statements by bartender that client was smoking and went into the bathroom where he subsequently started fire with a roll of toilet paper. Client was stopped short time later by police. Owner of bar was facing bankruptcy and the witnesses who claimed to have seen client were his friends. Client faced 40 years prison and a $100,000.00 fine.

    Venue: Ozaukee County

    Result: Amended to a county charge of Disorderly Conduct with a small fine after 10 months of defense challenges to evidence. Defense arson expert was able to prove that fire had different cause and investigation showed heavy bias by witnesses including owner who had debt and liquor license problems.

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    Charge: 4 counts of Issuing a Worthless Check. Client fled jurisdiction for 5 years prior to contacting the firm. She was arrested on a warrant in 2003, and was facing 5 years prison. Also faced additional charges of felony escape charges. She was a first offender and mother of 4.

    Venue: Sheboygan County

    Result: $5000 fine, restitution, charges amended to non-criminal ordinances.

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