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  • Paul, Lynn, Kevin, Adam, Shelby, Chris, and the rest

    Stephanie Rock is one awesome attorney! We hired Birdsall and Obear to handle our case. We are so happy we did as there were 3 pending felony charges. Never having been in any kind of position like this we were terrified of the outcome as it could be 59 years in prison. Stephanie’s confidence in the case and expertise in the law overwhelmed us. The case went to trial and Stephanie really shined. Her summation to the jury was persuasive to say the least and the result: Not guilty on all 3 felonies!! Thank you, Stephanie, John and the rest at Birdsall and Obear. Everyone we dealt with was so friendly, easy to talk to. One amazing law firm and worth every penny.

    P.S. John, you have a gem in Stephanie.

  • Shawn

    Kirk Obear gave me my life back. I was accused by my ex of heinous acts that I didn't commit, and the city of Sheboygan charged me with zero evidence that I did anything. Kirk took my case and was a Godsend. We went to jury trial and he completely obliterated the prosecution and won. It was amazing watching him do what he obviously takes great pride in. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to defend me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you to Kirk and his team for giving me my life back!

  • Alex Chandler

    John is the best!!! John worked with me on a minor infraction with the law, which I still do not believe to be a just accusation. But due to lack of supporting evidence in email, as they were deleted by the company I was working for at the time. We chose to settle, John was able to get my "felony theft charge" which everyone knows would have been damaging to anybody's career and future endeavors for the rest of their lives . He was able to show they also did not have enough supporting evidence on their end as well to prove intent. And was able to get it reduced to misdemeanor and eventually all the way down to a "civil charge of disorderly conduct" basically the equivalent of a traffic ticket. Needless to say, John knows very well what he is doing in order to make certain you truly get a fair representation with the law.

  • Mrs Mattie Pie

    This was the best law firm to choose from Nicole Miller did her thang I recommend her to take over any criminal case because she gets the job done she knows what she is doing and she do what she say I give this law firm 5 stars

  • Scott Forbes

    I was plunged into the legal system for the 1st time in my life with no idea of what to do. Charged with a Felony, I was in a panic. John took time to listen, explain, and plan my defense. He fought the State of Wisconsin’s refusal to provide evidence and won. He fought a maleficent prosecutor and won. More than 1 attorney told me I had hired the best lawyer in WI. That respect from his peers was also evident from the Judges as well. John has worked tirelessly to improve the system here in Wisconsin so that the rights of the accused are protected. He worked long hours and even weekends on my case. The result? I am cleared of all charges and have my life back. If you need legal counsel, don't spend another second being worried. Hire John.

  • Scott

    Knowledgeable and aggressive attorney. Has the experience you need in defense and the law.

  • Joe Daley IV

    Nicole is the best in my eyes. She talks to you like a normal person and feels like u have known her for years. I had a serious case that could of ruined my life and got lots of prison time. She got the case dismissed by her hard work and knowledge. I would advise anyone to hire her. The money and time is way worth it.

  • Chantelle Walker

    Nicole Muller is amazing! We need more like her!

  • Craig H

    Birdsall was recommended to me by a friend, and Nicole got my case dismissed entirely. Worth every penny.

  • Dean Sopcic

    5/5 Would Recommend

  • Gideon Barker

    In the past I’ve needed legal representation, I chose Birdsall Law Offices which was the best decision I could have made at the time. With an excellence track record and a great legal mind you would be foolish not to go with John Birdsall (I would know.) When you hire Birdsall Law Offices you don’t just hire an excellent attorney, you become part of an excellent legal team working extensively with John. He keeps you 100% informed on any and everything going on with your case helping you weigh all options while coming to the best conclusion you could ask for on your case. I could not recommend a better lawyer to represent you if you’re ever in the unfortunate circumstance where you might need a lawyer.

  • Kid Flash

    Nicole and Birdsall law took on my case as a court appointed case and fought for me tooth and nail. While making sure my name and career wasn't sullied, She (Nicole) was extremely friendly and approachable which made my first court experience significantly easier to transition into. My case was beat and my life left intact and I have her to thank for that.

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