The Legal Defense Show – 10/22/16


Listen to the newest episode of Legal Defense with attorneys John Birdsall and Kirk Obear on 101.5 FM WHBL Sheboygan! John and Kirk continue their previous week’s discussion regarding the impact of this election cycle on the future of politics and political discourse in the United States. They focus in particular on the nuances of the separation of power in U.S. government, and what challenges the next president will face with regard to policy making, if their party does not control Congress. In the second segment, Kirk explains the importance of registering and voting on November 8th, and how one should approach voting for candidates at various levels of government. Later in the show, John and Kirk debate the ongoing legislative battle to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court, and what likelihood exists that the ninth seat will be filled after the election, given partisan gridlock. Every week, you can find an all new episode of Legal Defense right here on our website: