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M Magazine Leading Lawyers 2012 – John Birdsall & Theodore Perlick Molinari

This year, M Magazine turned to Avvo – www.avvo.com, a Seattle-based company that rates and profiles dental, legal and medical professionals.  Avvo’s proprietary algorithm rates all attorneys on a 10-point scale, factoring in peer endorsements as well as experience, education, training, speaking, publishing and awards. These dynamic ratings are regularly refreshed based on new information […]

I have a preliminary hearing tomorrow

I have a preliminary hearing tomorrow. What should I do? Never, Ever, Try to Represent Yourself Without a strategic and effective legal argument, it will be extremely difficult to defend yourself and your rights against the charges being filed against you. If you are forced by circumstances to go to court without legal counsel, ask […]

Should I allow police inside?

The police are at my door right now and they want to search the house. Should I allow them inside? No.  Instead, demand a warrant. This requires that the police go to a judge and show probable cause that evidence of a crime is in the house, and they must be able to detail what […]

The police are at my door. Should I talk?

The police are at my door right now and want to question me. Should I talk? Do Not Succumb to Seemingly Informal Questioning Most cases that end up being charged criminally are the result of interrogations such as this. It’s almost always a bad idea to talk to police until after you know what they’re […]

I or a loved one was just arrested

I or a loved one was just arrested. What should I do? Obtain a Copy of the Criminal Complaint Find out what charge is being brought against you, and get a copy of the criminal complaint. You can get this from the court file at the clerk’s office since these are public documents. This will […]

I want to appeal my sentence.

I was just sentenced and I want to appeal. What is my next step? Know the Process If convicted, a defendant may appeal his conviction by filing a Motion for Post-Conviction Relief with the trial judge, or by taking a direct appeal to the Court of Appeals. The conviction will either be reversed or upheld. […]

The Pitfalls of Field Sobriety Tests

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) In this test, the officer passes a pen in front of your face and you are asked to follow it with your eyes. If your eyes exhibit a jerkiness (nystagmus) during the passes, it indicates intoxication. However, the officer will have to admit that nystagmus can, and does, occur naturally in […]

How to Respond to Police Questioning

Cooperate If the officers tell you that you are under arrest, do not fight. This will only add to your problems. Simply go with them and follow their instructions. You do not want to make them upset and hurt your chances of a better outcome. Do Not Answer Questions Officers will want to perform an […]